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Sick Drinking


Love never did me a right

But never mind the wrongs

Giving in to the fight

And the evenings so long


Give it to me your rages

Claps of thunder you rain

Visit my face over the ages

Soak in all of my pain


Opening these cans of beer

I must look pathetic to you

Worry not of all my fears

Use me until I’m through



Someone please help

Call 911 quickly

Tell them it’s too late

My heart is stopping


I think I’m dying

And yet the pain

The pain is an event

Could this be eternal?


Where is the respite?

Where is the breath?

There is nothing wrong

Yet here I lie in blood


They cannot see

Those who look on

Only the face of me

In sadness personified



Oh beautiful face of pink tones

How I wait with caught breath

To see you once more in glory

That I shall taste your lips

And hold you so very close

Could you offer me some wine?

That I may taste the tannins

But not from the Riedel glass

I thought this was the most perfect definition of love. Past the starburts and moons, you have the voice and comforts of your true companion.

Sweet face in my mirrors
I glance upon her mien
Romance is not a dead
But instead a truth in I
The beauty of the girl
Lies in how she sees me

A Kiss in the Blues


( explicit )


Being in my car with music for company

Delicate strings orchestrate walls of sound

I reach over to turn the volume up

Driving along this concrete wilderness

Past the bustle of the strangers who glance

At me and my music for one and all.

It was at a certain dusk I did set out

But now more of a cleaner night it is

And the lady in the brown skirt

Is but a distant memory, as are her

Athletic tones and thighs so smooth

The tan of it all with those breasts

That I could call home for a year.

My journey is short lived as I have arrived

Along with my new smile and knowing

For tonight I will open another door

Not too far away from my own seating

She breezes in with a grin fit for living

A glance toward me knowing my charms

I reach across and slip her door open

And she slides in more effortlessly

Then the last occupier of said seat

It’s been a while my dear, too long

We have seen much of another

Tonight caution is thrown to the winds

And those winds speak of breeze

With a hint of fervent tinted lusts

We talk, we laugh but not like before

There is a touch of ohhhs and ahhhhhs.

Mid-sentence I cut her to the quick

Firmly holding her face tight

Reaching over to press my lips with hers

It is just right without the thoughts

Our tongues dance a rhythmic waltz

And after what seems like a life

We part for air and for a smoke

So this is what it is to be in ‘like’?

Love is not spoken nor the futures near

Just one potion of now, if you please

This paradigm is spent as are our lips

We have embraced for hours three

Now I have earned the moans of her

I reach in with an unbuttoning

As I free her breasts from the lace

An obligatory caress is warranted

But my tongue is quickly replacing

And gasp a new tone she does

Not to withdraw or offer quarter

My hands congregate to her all

And between her legs I slide

The river doth flow I jest

She lets out a glimpse of smile

Bite my lips if you dare my girl

Slap my face while I pleasure your all

My kind of girl, my kind of sex

I whisper private things in her ear

All through gritted teeth and breath

She takes it all in her strides

And as we finish, she is spent.

Sudden flashes amongst our buildings

Cracking like bolts from Zeus himself

Is this sorcery or simply a camera?

But it stems from the night

A storm is coming in my town

A blue lightning of electrical cascades.

She kisses me wildly and licks my ego

Making me bigger in all the right ways

Goodnight lover, goodnight lovers

I watch as she walks her model walks

Tight skirt that has had its effect used

Her bra still over those shoulders

And a slight limp from naughtiness.

Time for the journey back home

The heavens open up and drown me

And at 3am I find this a truth

That my sex has found a better home.


She asked

Touch me in my soul she said

I reached in

There was a warmth of fires

I felt it

She gave in to my mind

I breathed her

I reached for her heart

It was cold.



Your smile still lights up my dreaming
It’s one thing I still remember now
The moment you turned to me
At the airport, just before we hugged
I recall the summer smell on you
As you pulled me in with your eyes
And reached in for our first kiss
It was short lived as people looked on
But I was lost in your moments
I grabbed your hand as we walked through
Outside the breezes caught us by surprise
The revolving cinematic filming of us
Just like in the movies we saw as kids
You looked deep into me, searching for sparks
We kissed again and I was locked in
Glasses smudged I complained
But wow, what a beginning for us.


I did you a wrong and for that I am sorry
I hurt you in all the right places
In all the soft targets that I could muster
It wasn’t an act of coldness
It was born out of a pain I couldn’t describe
I made it personal and hard
You deserve my venom but not in that way
I could have been softer
But I sang in operatic voice to bend you
I should have let you go
As you should have given me a wider birth
In the end we hurt us
Now it is time for me to close our book.

All is Well


I fell into a well
She was there too
In the dark we gave
Comfort to each other
In our shared nights
We found compatibility
A momentary happy
In our stumble
She found a ladder
And climb she did
Leaving me to my dark